Sunday, November 11, 2012

Prostitution is Legal in Costa Rica What Can I Say?

"Prostitution is LEGAL in Costa Rica, Prostitution is LEGAL in Costa Rica... I'm not sure what to tell you."

Gay and Straight prostitution is LEGAL in Costa Rica- PERIOD. I didn't get TONS of emails crucifying me for supposedly 'promoting' underage sex in Costa Rica and lacking in overall moral fiber (the latter may be somewhat true), but I got enough that I feel inclined to respond. This is the post in question: GAY Prostitution in Costa Rica. First off, I find it amusing I have so many readers who are obviously 'VERY right of Reagan'. Either they're policing 'the enemy', or can't help but be drawn to the darker side of gay within themselves. Anyway...Prostitution is legal here, I don't write the laws. I'm not promoting anything. I write based on my knowledge, experience and observations while living the 'gay' life in Costa Rica- whatever that means. I know the law but I also know many prostitutes and 'gay for pay' guys... as well as the guys who want to 'get' with them. Stay at any 'gay' or 'gay friendly' hotel in Costa Rica and you meet LOTS of people. So yeah,I can provide some insight to the gay traveler they may or may not have known.

I realize underage sex happens here, although I haven't seen it, I have seen HUGE gaps in age, such as a 72-year old getting with an 18-year old 'gay for pay' boy. *Personally, I have no problem with this arrangement as long as it's legal and ALL parties act accordingly and I don't define 'accordingly', they do. Pedophiles and 'Chester the Molester' types are the exception... BUT PLEEEZE, there are 'bad' people in all walks of life... I'm a strong critic of the Catholic Church, but I don't believe for a minute they all abuse alter boys, it's ALWAYS a small percentage of folks who mess it up for the rest of us. And of course the media ATTENTION for these types of behaviors HELP sell magazines (advertisement) and always, ALWAYS, makes the problem appear MUCH worse than it really is. I'm not sayin it's not an ISSUE, I'm just saying it often overblown.

Why am I explaining this to a couple of dozen WANKERS who I KNOW have more of a problem with SEX itself than prostitution- obviously raised to believe sex is somewhat DIRTY, which in turn fosters various sexual hang-ups and self-esteem issues these WANKERS undoubtedly possess in spades. So please, look inward first then you won't have time to write me with your undeserved diatribe.

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