Monday, June 24, 2013

GAY Boat Party on Lake Arenal

GAY is finally BACK in La Fortuna Costa Rica. It's been awhile since we've had any gay action here but that's all about to change. WHOO HOO! Yup, D'Angelo and I along with our good friend, Erick, have decided we're going to run a twice monthly (always the first 2 weekends of the month) gay boat party on Lake Arenal. This has some serious potential for WAY GAY FUN. And of course, MEN ONLY! (The women will have their own weekends).

The poster pretty much explains what you get in the package and the first one which is July 6th is only $30. How cheap is that. Although that price is a one-time promotional offer since it's the first one. We'll set the normal price later.

Now what's cool about this is it's totally private. In case you didn't know, Lake Arenal does not get much play except for a few holidays, so we'll pretty much have the lake to ourselves. Once on the boat, it's music, drinking, dancing and a chance to be as GAY as you want to be. Want to tan your butt cheeks- go for it. We'll be taking the boat to an island where the party will continue... and of course what happens on the island, stays on the island...jeje. After an afternoon of gay boating fun, we'll head back to the hotel where the party will continue... OMG, I can't wait, this is going to be FUN.

Anyway, we shot this video awhile back for Erick to show off his party boat, so it includes women, so as you watch, think ALL GAY MEN. And if all goes well, we'll be shooting another video with just that- all gay men. Hopefully it will give you an idea of what it's all about.

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

How To Pick-UP Men in Costa Rica Gay or Otherwise

Dear Traveling Gay Man,

So you want to visit Costa Rica and hopefully find some men to fool around with... fair enough, after all it's what 'gay' tends to do. Pura Vida.

I'm going to give you a BIG TIP that can help you in your quest and maybe even save you from potentially embarrassing yourself. This tip doesn't really pertain to those of you hooking up via the internet on sites such as Adam4Adam, Manhunt, Craigslist etc.. or those going to gay clubs or bath houses to find hook-ups. This is for guys just traveling around hoping to find some HOT Tico men on their own. * You need to know that most men in Costa Rica will have 'gay sex' whether they're gay or not- trust me on this, which is why this tip is SO BIG. Under NO circumstances say anything about gay, don't say the word 'gay' and absolutely don't mention being a 'top' or 'bottom' or ask which they are- it's a deal breaker and can potentially lead to a hostile situation for the obvious reason that they don't appreciate the 'gay' label. That's it. Buy them a few beers, chat them up (you don't necessarily need to know a lot of Spanish,,, again, trust me), buy them a burger... and JUST DO IT!

GOOD LUCK and you can thank me later.

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