Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Club Vertigo NOT Gay BUT Gay Enough

Club Vertigo in San Jose Costa Rica is NOT a GAY Club, but...... could BE- the Gay Crowd is definitely REPRESENTED ; - ) at Club Vertigo, at least on the Saturday nights we've been there. So, if you want to venture out into the world of 'straight-boys' but still have 'family' about, then Vertigo is the place..... and REALLY, anytime you MIX great MUSIC and ATMOSPHERE along with a few party favors,,,, gay or straight just doesn't seem to matter much.... and your chances of getting LUCKY at the end of the night at Club Vertigo are very encouraging. I'm not sayin we do that......I'm just sayin.

The following is what I posted about Club Vertigo on my other blog: Do'in Costa Rica.

Club Vertigo is right up there with any NightClub I've been to in VEGAS, which trust me, is saying someTHING. Since Club Vertigo is actually located inside of a nondescript office building on Paseo Colón it doesn't look like much from the outside.... but once inside- YOU KNOW it's going to be a good night. The main room has a high ceiling and a BIG dance floor which merges into bar areas on both sides, so you can move around - OR - be right in the middle of the MIX without feeling like a sardine. Of course you have the obligatory long line to ENTER Club Vertigo and they do have a dress code, not overly strict but a dress code nonetheless. You're going to pay a cover, but how much will depend on whats going on that particular night, but by American standards it will be reasonable- ditto for the drinks.

Two different rooms- the main room which when we've been there seems to play a lot of progressive house/trance music and a smaller, side room, complete with a bar and couches that was BUST'ing out some serious, edgier BEATS (LOVE that room). Obviously the music in both rooms is going to depend on the DJ or event that night, but when we've been there the smaller room in our opinion was the place to BE- the ENERGY level was off the charts and the DJ's had the place rock'in and ROLL'in......

So here's our VIDEO on Club Vertigo- ENjoY!

Club Vertigo is located on Paseo Colón, but really, who cares, you should be taking a taxi anyway, but if you're looking for some serious DJ talent on a Saturday night, we'd highly recommend CHECKING OUT Club Vertigo. Check Club Vertigo's website for upcoming special events featuring top international DJ talent.

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