Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gay Prostitution in Costa Rica

Prostitution is LEGAL in Costa Rica, so many come here solely for the SEX... nothing wrong with that as not everyone's into sloths and whitewater rafting. Age of consent for any SEX is 18. Don't be mislead or misinformed by some of the 'sketchier' websites out there, BELIEVE ME, it's 18.

GAY sex is readily accessible in Costa Rica and I've already mentioned in previous posts how 'easy' the guys are here. Even MOST of the straight Tico's are willing to be 'gay for pay' after a couple beers and in many cases the 'pay' can be the alcohol and sometimes they're even 'gay' without the 'pay'- WHOO HOO!

First, the downside of prostitution. Be AWARE, just because it's LEGAL, you can still encounter the same problems you'd expect to find on the 'illegal' or seedier side of prostitution, such as drug use, crime, petty theft, STD's, AIDS and underage prostitutes. Know your surroundings and just because a kid tells you he's 18 doesn't necessarily make it so. You are NOT innocent until proven guilty in Costa Rica so don't let your vacation turn into an unintended, EXTENDED one. Ask to see some proof.... really.

Looking for gay sex? Personally, I'd stay away from the streets boys. Craigslist and other social networking sites are low risk with many options. There's bath houses, such as Club Hispalis, which is probably one the BEST and BIGGEST in San Jose. Club Hispalis has great facilities, theme nights, shows and a bar and snack area. Of course any of the gay bars in San Jose, Bochinches, Club Oh, La Avispa and especially Pucho's are all hook-up possibilities . And MOST gay and/or gay friendly hotels offer 'massages' from boys that offer BETTER than 'Happy Endings'. Also, most of these hotels can get YOU in touch with someone to 'show you around' or take you OUT Clubbin if you're traveling solo, obviously for a PRICE.

A popular GAY magazine here is Gente10, a good resource for GAY info. Gente10 is in Spanish, but you can get the jest of EVENTS, times and so forth, and they also have a map with all the gay HOT spots marked.

A few CRUISY areas in San Jose are La Sabana Park (Sabana gets sketchy at night), the National Park (north of Avenida 1, Between Calles 15 &19) and the Plaza de la Cultura which is in front of the National Theatre (between Calles 3 & 5) during late afternoons and early evenings.

Sabana Park is much less sketchier in the day time.

If all else fails, taxi drivers can ALWAYS take you to whatever it is you want to get INTO- CAREFUL, some are sketchier than others.

Stuff to consider when playing in the SEX world. Take taxi's at night. Leave valuables in your hotel room. Know your surroundings. Don't get TOO up. Consider getting your Hepatitis B shot before coming to Costa Rica (talk to your doctor about Hepatitis). Obviously condoms.... and know that many guys here will have unprotected SEX and others will say, 'NO' to condoms for an EXTRA charge. While cruising the bars, be careful, the guy you're CHECKING out and HOOKING up with could be a hustler and expect payment for services after the fact when you thought it was a mutual attraction hook-up. Most gay and gay friendly hotels will let you bring a 'guest' back to your room but they usually have to register with the front desk and have ID and sometimes there's a charge.

Here's our video of Prostitution and SEX in Costa Rica. This is general INFO on prostitution here in Costa Rica, not gay specific.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gay Boys in Costa Rica- Kissing Badly

Gay boys in Costa Rica, La Fortuna particularly, are frequently guilty of kissing as if they’re a MUTANT combination of half vacuum cleaner - half Labrador Retriever. This is NOT a GOOD thing for someone like me who LOVES to make-out. Obviously, I’m only going from my own EXPERIENCE (although D'Angelo concurs), but take my word; I have accumulated plenty of data in the last 6 or so years of living in Costa Rica to come to this ‘bad kissers’ conclusion.

The reasons for this lack of kissing skills? Here, many gays are still in the CLOSET and don't get OUT much, so when a gay opportunity presents itself, gay Tico's tend to get OVERLY excited, VERY quickly. Picture a DOG in 90 degree heat that hasn’t had water all day; its BIG, FAT, SLOPPY tongue dragging on the floor, well, my LIPS apparently look like a dish of water. EWH!

Other times I feel like I’m being ‘SLIMED’ or they’re testing my gag reflex with their tongue,,,, which of course we all know is WAY HOT!

SLOW the down for God sake.

Not much is better than making OUT, leaned against the wall, pressed against each other, shirts off, nibble here, bite there, and the NECK- don’t even get me started, BUT,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the moment is often ruined with the puppy dog approach of making-out and for me, can be a DEAL breaker.

I’m all for getting horned up while making out, I get as excited as the next gay guy- the anticipation of SEX is a HOT thing. But BAD kissing can be quiet the BUZZ kill. If this is how they kiss, what’s this Human Vacuum Cleaner/Labrador Retriever going to do when they work their way SOUTH. Bad kissers are 10 times more likely to do other 'heady' acts just as bad, if you know what I mean- another BUZZ kill.

Obviously, inexperience plays a major role and I’m sure many of these guys haven’t had much practice. I’m thinking they have nothing to go by but cheap internet porn, so everything comes down to, ‘the harder the better’. Well maybe, but kissing.

So listen up my HOT tico friends, slow down, think SOFT and keep your tongue in your mouth and I promise you- we’ll get there. HARD comes later.

.... and I'm always lookin to be PROVED wrong. hehe

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Club Oh! in San Jose

Club Oh! is definitely one of San Jose, Costa Rica's BEST gay Night Clubs.

Club Oh! really isn't 'all that' as far as the inside is concerned. It's like a BIG, BLACK BOX on the inside- but who cares, Club Oh! consistently spins some of the BEST music around. The DJ's know how to get the crowd going.... and keep them goING and combined with a more than adequate lighting system, the bland interior is made up for by the overall ENERGY of the place. Hell, if it was just me and the DJ, I could still have a bomb-ass time....

Club Oh! puts on its fair share of events- White Party, Black Party, Drag Shows, Stripper Shows etc, so make sure to consult a local gay magazine like Gente 10 to find out what's coming UP.... but more times than NOT, Fridays and even more so, Saturdays are the BEST nights at Club Oh!

Club Oh! usually has drink specials, such as paying 6,000 colones (approx. $12.00) at the door which gives you unlimited beers from 10:00pm til 1:00am, or for a little more money (approx. $16.00)- VIP privileges with unlimited cocktails. The 'open bar' can get overly crowded at times which can get a little frustrating, especially on Saturdays, if waiting isn't your thing, stop by Club Oh! after 1:00am. *Obviously, prices could CHANGE.

WANT to see what goes on inside CLUB OH! CHECK-OUT our VIDEO

CLUB Oh! Formerly Déjà Vu, is located on Calle 2 between avenidas 14 and 16.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Coyaba Tropical in Manuel Antonio

GAY, but very straight-friendly, Coyaba Tropical in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica has a COOL New Addition.

Coyaba Tropical, a mostly gay but VERY straight-friendly, B&B, located in beautiful Manuel Antonio, next to another place we like, Gaia Hotel and Reserve, has added a brand NEW pool and jacuzzi area. SWEET!

We love Coyaba Tropical. In the gay, internet travel world, it's known as a gay-owned, B&B, but really, it's a VERY straight-friendly destination and probably has just as many COOL straight people staying there as gay.... probably because COOL straight people know gay places are the places to GO *wink-wink* But the major draw just may be Mike and Paul because they're the consummate hosts- it's like staying with family.

Well, now Coyaba is that much better with a pool and jacuzzi area. Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here as this is MY personal opinion about what's going to happen at Coyaba- Mike and Paul did NOT tell me this. BUT, I believe as they get more popular with gay travelers, Coyaba Tropical will become exclusively gay and the POOL and Jacuzzi area will be the place to be... clothing optional anyone? The first video is one we did a few months ago, the second is a quick look at the new pool and jacuzzi area. GREAT JOB on the pool area guys. Can't wait to test it out... naked. hehe

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Costa Rica Independence Day BIGOTS

Travel Gay Costa Rica NOW knows BIGOTS. They're easy to spot here in Costa Rica because they typically look EXACTLY like the Roman Catholic Church. So today, which is Costa Rica's Independence DAY, we've decided to give a little Shout Out to our straight, bigoted friends,,, all in fun of course.

The Shout Out comes in the form of a song and I picked this particular song because I think it succinctly says it ALL, 3-minutes of music to answer years of discrimination, prejudice and just out and out HATE.

So to ALL my closeted, GAY friends (especially my gay Tico, friends), let this SONG give you the COURAGE to step-out in style.

I dedicate this SONG to the following folks/organizations who seem to have a hard time finding the LOVE and ACCEPTANCE in their tiny, hate-filled,hearts:

* First and foremost, the Roman Catholic Church, for obvious reasons.

* Family members, so-called friends, or ANYONE for that matter, who have made it, or make it hard for young, gay boys and girls to come-out.

* The redneck owner of Don Rufino's Restaurant in La Fortuna, Costa Rica who openly discriminates against 'gay'.

* The likes of Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and the very FAT but thankfully DEAD, Jerry Falwell. Side note: The death of that SOB was one of the BEST days of my LIFE, barely edged out by the birth of my children and of course WINNING a BIG ass house in FIJI.

* OH, and an old childhood friend, Rick Jones, who deleted me off his FACEBOOK friends list for being too GAY... whatever that means.

Feel free to learn the words and SING a long, it's really quite catchy... and GAY!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

We DO Gay Costa Rica Travel Packages

Gay Costa Rica Travel Packages by michael alan & D'Angelo of Travel GAY Costa Rica NOW.

We know GAY Costa Rica. Gay bars, gay bath houses, gay and gay-friendly hotels and restaurants, if it's gay, we know about it. We even have a service where an experienced, English-speaking, (this is him >>>) gay guide will personally take you around Costa Rica, which is a great option. Here's our little intro video about offering our services to TRAVEL GAY COSTA RICA NOW. ENjoY! If you want to skip the video and just get started, go to our website TravelCostaRicaNOW, answer a few questions and we can get the gay ball rolling.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Picking UP Gay Boys in Costa Rica

Gay Clubs in San Jose, it’s EASY to pick-up gay boys.

Yup, it's easy-peazy to pick-up 'gay' in San Jose, even for a no Spanish speaking, ugly ass, Chester-the-Molester type, gringo.

But before I begin, let's getting something straight- I’m not a pimp. I could be but I’m not. Although if you’re visiting Costa Rica and you happen to be partying with me and D’Angelo, we have on occasion been known to make introductions, but that’s as far as it goes *wink-wink*. So please, quit with the emails asking to “hook you up.” But we also get tons of emails asking us where to pick-up gay boys in general… that I can help you with. Obviously it’s not a problem in San Jose since gay bars such as Pucho’s, La Avispa, Club Oh! Bochinches and others make it pretty easy, but it’s not so obvious in towns across Costa Rica where there is no ‘gay bar’.

Here’s my TIP for picking up guys. We live in La Fortuna. There are no gay bars here which is pretty much the norm in Costa Rica. But just because there’s no gay bars doesn’t mean there’s no gay guys. HELLO, gay is everywhere. Matter of fact, La Fortuna couldn’t be any more gayer (almost seems like it's in the water), also like many towns around Costa Rica… Whoo HOO! Just find out which bar is the ‘happening’ place on that particular night and go there. Gay people gather and gay people dance- they will be there, usually hanging out together in small groups or with their fag-hag friends. *And don’t forget, MOST ‘straight’ Ticos will do gay 'stuff' with a couple beers under their belt, although you definitely need to be a little bit more on your game to score a 'straight' guy.

In places like San Jose, Manuel Antonio and Jaco, gay boys, usually prostitute types, will approach YOU, but in small towns like La Fortuna, they normally won't. You'll have to make the first move and you’ll have to be half-way subtle about it. Especially if they’re in groups, don’t forget, many gay Tico’s are in the closet no matter how gay they appear, so you gotta be sensitive to that and if you’re trying for the ‘straight’ guy, he has to be alone when you make a move... for obvious reasons.

If you’re the type to belly-up to the bar and WAIT for the action to come to you, you’ll be waiting a LONG time unless you’re at the above San Jose hangouts. Buy the guy a beer or two or send them over via the bartender if you’re a little timid. Find a chance to say something when he’s by himself “Usted es muy guapo.” works for me. Then of course there's always the 'gaydar' eye thing... that connection when we all just KNOW,,, but when you do this, try not to do the pervy, Chester-the-Molester, stare-down... you know the one, usually after too many cocktails and you actually believe the other person is as attracted to you as you are him and then you totally embarrass yourself by becoming too 'aggressive'... or at least the next day your friends tell you you embarrassed yourself.

Bottom line, you got to be somewhat assertive… not aggressive, just assertive. I think you just may be pleasantly surprised by the outcum. And when all else fails, remember, you’re a GRINGO, they think you got money… they already half love you and also remember, you can't SCORE if you don't PLAY. GOOD LUCK!

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Monday, September 3, 2012

WARNING about La Avispa Gay Nightclub

La Avispa, one of San Jose's BEST gay clubs, is at its gayest on Sundays.

D'Angelo and myself love, Love, LOVE Avispa Discotheque and there IS no better place (straight or gay) to party on a Sunday night. Our advice- have fun on Saturday night but save a little in the tank for Avispa on Sunday. But this post isn't about the party scene there, it's a **WARNING** a 'heads up' so what I'm about to tell you doesn't happen to YOU.

La Avispa is notorious for guys trying to separate you from your MONEY. Many of the guys, cute, little, boy-toy, wannbe, prostitutes. Some are harmless and just want gay tourists to buy them drinks all night, others will do MUCH MORE if that's where you want to go. They'll show interest, start dancing with you... and of course want you to buy them drinks,,,, I'm sure you get the picture, but if you decide to play that 'game', just be careful where it leads. *On a side note, watch how much you drink... for obvious reasons.

Here's what happened to us at La Avispa one Sunday. We saw our friend Ed dancing with a really CUTE, twink boy. Nothing against Ed, but something just wasn't adding up,,,,, we told him to be CAREFUL and watch himself. Not 5 minutes later when they were dancing, kissing etc. a tranny, working in tandem with CUTE, twink boy, tried to gangster Ed's wallet......problem was, even though Ed was being distracted, his wallet had a chain on, needless to say, he felt the tug. Next thing I know, a tranny goes flying against the wall. CUTE, twink boy got away but tranny was not so lucky and was picked up by La Avispa security........ you've been WARNED.

Other than that,,, La Avispa is GREAT place to have a GREAT time.

And in case you haven't seen it, our La Avispa video which will give you a good idea of what you can expect. ENjoY!

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